Three WordPress Site Optimization (Pack of 3)


Our WordPress Optimization Packages Includes

  • Fast CDN setup: Set up your site to send static resources like images through a global Content Delivery Network (CDN) for fastest site loading from anywhere in the world.
  • WordPress security rules: Set up rules to block or throttle common attacks such as password brute-forcing.
  • HTTPS/SSL setup: Get an SSL certificate and configure your site to use secure connections by default.
  • Site availability & blacklist monitoring: You will receive a notification by email if the website should become unavailable or if the domain or IP address of your site should become blacklisted.
  • WordPress performance tweaks*: Optimize site settings and install plugins for caching, automatic image compression and database improvements.
  • WordPress site security checks*: Review file permissions, check for changes of WordPress files as well as for plugins and themes with known security issues.
  • Email configuration check*: Review DNS mail settings to prevent to prevent your emails from being classified as spam.


  • 3 site optimization
  • SSL Certificates
  • 3000 images optimization
  • Before and after reports


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