Rank better with performance

Sleep better with security!

Easy and affordable plans for one to three websites (split with friends to save!)



Fast CDN setup

Set up your site to send static resources like images through a global Content Delivery Network (CDN) for fastest site loading from anywhere in the world.

WordPress security rules:

Set up rules to block or throttle common attacks such as password brute-forcing.


Get an SSL certificate and configure your site to use secure connections by default.

Site availability & blacklist monitoring

You will receive a notification by email if the website should become unavailable or if the domain or IP address of your site should become blacklisted.

WordPress performance tweak

We know the right things change to really speed-up while keeping all the futures you need of WordPress

WordPress site security checks

 Review file permissions, check for changes of WordPress files as well as for plugins and themes with known security issues.

Pricing Options

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