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WordPress is the standard for websites for SMEs, and it’s going to stay that way. The unrivalled combination of a strong development community, open-source resources, and market share of more than a third of the web, make it a clear choice, even for customers with little or no web experience.


As an agency, you’ll know the value that a fast, secure site has for your clients. study conducted by Google found that a 2-second increase in page loading times resulted in a 30% increase in shopping cart abandonment, and research has shown that site performance impacts the overall perception of not only a website, but the business behind it as well.


WP-Fast is a service that gives you complete assurance that your clients’ sites have been custom optimised and secured, and are reaching their customers in the most professional way possible, for a one-off payment of $249.


More than that, WP-Fast lets you make sure that all your work creating great design and optimized content will shine, as part of a site that loads quickly and inspires users to become customers.


Our clients have improve their clients’ website performance and conversion rate significantly with WP-Fast:


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We felt it was time to take the website to the next level. The improvements in page load times are awesome, and the security checks gave us peace of mind.

Craig Dodge

Director of Sales & Marketing, Phare The Cambodian Circus

Better Client Relationships, Fewer Headaches

WP-Fast is about helping our clients make better sales. By helping you put together websites for your clients that are secure and fast, we help you to give them a great experience that keeps them happy, and makes them more likely to stay with you, extend their contracts, and buy more services.


Research shows that security is a huge driver of sales and conversions for SME sites. WP-Fast gives you HTTPS set-up, and addresses more in-depth, specific needs, including a scan of plugins and the WordPress core for security vulnerabilities and malicious code, and protection from DDoS attacks, or hackers gaining administrator access: removing risks that can seriously hurt the site’s SEO ranking and customer trust.


For $249, we give you a no-stress way to improve your clients’ sites security and performance, without needing to dedicate your team’s time to making it happen, or keeping it up to date.


For that subscription, we provide a complete before-and-after performance report on your client’s site, a secure HTTPS website, and one year of monthly security checks.


All of this is white-labelled, allowing you to make WP-Fast a seamless part of the security package you offer.




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How WP-Fast works


WP-Fast is a service, not only improving site security and performance, but giving bespoke recommendations that give your clients better conversions, a professional user experience, and optimized search-engine presence.


For you as an agency, though, WP-Fast brings a whole additional raft of benefits. As well as improving your relationship with your client by giving them a simple, ‘it-just-works’ security solution that they don’t need to worry about, it helps you to generate additional revenue by adding value to your service at a low cost to you. By white-labelling WP-Fast’s functions, you can get a secure and fast site set-up for your clients without needing to budget for monthly security and speed checks or in-depth review. We’re specialists, and through WP-Fast, we bring that specialism to your product offering.


Through WP-Fast, we’re here to make you look good. WP-Fast enables you to create fast sites that lead to more conversions for your clients, while giving you an extra pair of eyes for security.


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